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If you had read my previous entry, you know what kind of funk I was in. So yesterday, I took my last $1.50 and drove to the dollar movie. My choices to see were "Click" and "Nacho Libre" (a few other movies but they looked like crap). Nacho Libre didn't come on til 10:00 so there was no way I was going to watch that one considering it was only 2:00. So the 4:15 of Click it was.

And I have to tell you... I was blown away by it.

Seriously, this is the best movie that Adam Sandler has done, ever. And for any of you who've seen Big Daddy, Punch Drunk Love, or Mr. Deeds, you know that Adam Sandler can rock the "dramedy" genre... Is that even a genre? *sigh* I'm off point again, sorry.

Basic synopsis: Man has a corporate job. Man hates job but he loves his family so he works the job. Job starts to get hectic, family suffers. Frustrated with the amount of remotes in his house, Man searches for a universal remote. Man finds more than he bargains for.

I'm not going to go into the story line, as per usual, but I'll definitely say, this movie was very well put together.

Kate Beckinsale managed to look like a housewife and very hot at the same time. Its hard to believe she plays a kick ass sexy vampire in Underworld as well.

The main children in the movie are very funny in their own right. Have I ever told you all how I think its unimaginably cute to hear a child say, "Shit"? Well yeah.

There is a girl in this movie who looks like Scarlett Johansson. It's not her, but wow is a good word for her.

And Christopher Walken has got to be one of the most versatile supporting actors in the world. He can play just about anything and pull it off, in typical "I need more cowbell" fashion.

So overally, this movie deserves kudos for having a message, making you laugh, and pulling at the heart strings... often times all in the same sequence of events. Hell even throw in some science fiction into the mix to be honest.

See this movie!

5 headless ducks out of 5.

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