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little Miss SUNSHINE

Just saw "little Miss SUNSHINE" and I have to say this is one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. Almost as weird as "Punch Drunk Love" ... well maybe about the same weird on the weird scale.

There were no hot chicks in the movie, just so you all know. Also, there were no really memorable lines. But there were times when the movie was heartbreaking, and there were times I was busting a gut (and sometimes Calla's left hand) with laughter. It starred Greg Kinnear as Rich (the father), Steve Carell as Frank (the suicidal brother), and Paul Dano as Dwayne (the Nietzsche obsessed teenager).

Paul Dano was in "The Girl Next Door" as Klitz, you may also remember him from the Sub-lymon-al commercial where the boy gets his head smashed by the two sumos, one green and one yellow.

I'm sure you know who Steve Carell is... but if you don't, he was in "Anchorman" and "40-year old Virgin" (and probably more, but he was hilarious in those movies so that's all you need to know).

Despite having no memorable lines, this movie is one that *I* will not soon forget. It was just weird. I think I said that a good 20 or so times on the way home from the movies. It had all the essential parts of a good story, solid characters, solid plot, solid side stories, just the mixture of the ingredients in the story was just weird, depressing and hilarious all in one.
Another must see for anyone who likes weird and interesting movies.

4 gay porno mags out of 5.

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