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Promise of a Few at the Blind Pig February 3, 2010

With Avenue Sky, Kid Friendly and the Reacharounds and Natural Born World Shakers

February 3rd, 2010, the Blind Pig hosted a spectacular rock show. The venue was a bit smoky and the night was cold, so it was up to the bands to warm up the crowd a bit. They did a bang up job!

The opening band, the ‘Natural Born World Shakers’ were an eclectic mix of punk and poetry. The lead singer was a crazy dressing Jim Morrison act-alike, quite entertaining.  I approached the singer after the set and asked if he was influenced by the Doors at all, and he told me he was first influenced by Joy Division, then found his way to the Doors after. I definitely saw the resemblance to both.

Kid Friendly and the Reacharounds had a very entertaining set, I admit I couldn’t understand much of what was being sang because it was a metal set and his growls were unintelligible, but the talking in between songs was funny. The lead singer ALSO decided to lick the guitarist, which made me crack up. The music was very heavy and high energy and I enjoyed it.

Avenue Sky ( was the reason I went to the show in the first  place, they had added me to their Myspace a few days prior and I listened to the song they had up and figured it was worth a listen. The lead guitarist was very entertaining, he rocked out like there wasn’t going to be another show and I loved that. The other guitarist was a dynamo (even though later I had to ask why he held his guitar up so high, he referenced Tom Morello, from Rage Against the Machine). The bassist’s guitar was huge and it looked bigger than he did. I was, however, confused by the singer, he didn’t seem like he was enjoying himself at all.

Promise of a Few ( was the headliner, I had listened to the music on their Myspace before I came to the show so I could be prepared. Their metal music was very decent. The vocalist was really getting into this singing, it seemed almost like it was too much for him to put out. He got a lot of attention from the ladies who were at the concert, inspiring both bumping and grinding in the crowd.

All in all it was a pretty decent show. I would see all of the bands again, especially Avenue Sky and Natural Born World Changers. Rock on Fellas!

I will DEFINITELY be returning to the Blind Pig (, the venue was awesome and the staff there was great and helpful.

Next time, you need to be there!

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