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DisgraceD - Suicidal Teddy Bears

DisgraceD definitely has a distinct sound to them which I enjoy. My nephew (who usually is unhappy with my choice in music) actually turned up the album to rock out to it. Before anyone gets mad at me for letting an eight year old listen to music like this, keep in mind, I didn't let him listen to any song that clearly said any swear words which was only track three. DisgraceD is a good listen to and actually resided in my van for about a week as I trolled for people to commit murder suicides with me. You can tell they have been together as a band for a long time, the harmony of the band is apparent to anyone knowledgeable of heavy metal music.
Here are some notes on the individual tracks:

01. Suicide Begins – Very creepy and cute.
02. Apocalyptic Dance Party – My favorite song of this album, very danceable obviously. Sounds kind of like Rob Zombie.
03. Nightmares and Res-Erections – Pretty hardcore song.
04. Voices – This was the song my nephew liked the most. I have to say I dug it too. The refrain is chaotic and powerful.
05. lust – Very trippy lyrical effects with the music.
06. Roast Weenies While the World Burns – Good intro to this song. I dig the refrain as well.
07. Cotton-candy Sex – I like this song because it reminds me of the Nine Inch Nails song “Sanctified” which is one of my favorites.
08. lost soul – I dig the refrain of this song, but the verses are pretty interesting as well.
09. “Final Solutions track” – This track did not make me want to kill myself.
10. The Devil's Own - The refrain was pretty sweet.
11. Bomb in a Toddlers Teddy – I like the switching back and forth between quiet and loud. It made the harder parts more effective in the song.
12. No Fear - I'm just guessing at this title. They took the trippy lyrical effects and put them into this track. It works.
13. “Hidden Track” - I won't give away what the hidden track is, but it does not inspire me to relax in any sort of way.

If you like hardcore metal with heart, check out DisgraceD ( if you want to acquire their CD, check out their Facebook or send a friend request to (

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