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Taproot at the Livewire May 19, 2011

It was a warm spring night at the Livewire in Mentor, Ohio when Taproot came to town. The Livewire was buzzing with anticipation of Taproot's presence on site. There were a couple there I used to know from my days working in the mall. One was a girl who I had a hardcore crush, also whom I lent a copy of “Interview with the Vampire”, but I never got it back. I didn't say hi and she didn't show any sign of recollection either so I was okay with the silence. Another girl I used to work near in the mall was there, but I only saw her for a split second before she left. During the show I saw a mechanical dancing monkey/gorilla figure. I thought it was cute. There were also a lot of attractive women in the Livewire. It was hard to concentrate on the bands, but I did my best.I had seen Euphoria ( once before. When I saw them the first time I thought they were very Beatles-esque. This time around though the band had a very Nirvana-like feel which was not unpleasant to a Nirvana fan like myself. “Feed Me” was again my favorite song of theirs. I thought the beats were solid and the music was melodic and groovy. The last song was full of energy, like a grand finale of a fireworks show.A Punch's Pilot ( has a confusing name when you aren't looking at the schedule, but other than that I was pleased with their performance. They had a good opening song. One of the guitarists had a light up guitar which was awesome. The beats were quite good. The tunes overall were pretty groovy and I really like the song “Pessimist” and the set had a feel that is similar to Incubus, but harder. “Beat Down” had a really solid bass line. The set seemed shorter than it should have been, but they extended the last song with a Lady Gaga finale.Other than Taproot, SILO ( had the biggest committed fan base. The sea of “SILO” t-shirts was almost as impressive as the band itself. The guitar was rockin', there was a guitar riff that threaded its way through the set. The singer alternated with growling and singing. The machine gun drummer beat on his drum like it was an enemy he was trying to knock out. The bass was heavy and the entire ensemble seemed to make a perfect set up for a vigorous mosh pit.

Axis Blue ( had a really interesting set up. The vocalist had a great stage presence. There was a definite funk influence and the beats were nice. The drumming was spot on and overall the band had good energy. They did a cover of Tool's AEnima which was pretty much amazing. A friend of the lead singer said I should interview the singer. I'm thinking about it.
First let me give a shout out to Brian from Absolution ( I wish I'd had a chance to buy one of their CDs. The music was harmonious to the point where I couldn't tell the difference between the bass sound and the guitar sounds. I consider this a good thing. There was a great beat to their music and it was very danceable. The singer reminded me of the lead singer of Motörhead and there were very good lyrics. Hopefully this review gets me a free CD to review.Last but not least, Taproot ( The show started off with a Michael Jackson/disco kind of opening. The theatrical presence was interesting and the mood lighting fed into this. The rhythmic music combined with the chest beating drums, the skilled guitarist, and the screamer/singer made up the presence. I learned some things during the concert. I learned first that the lead singer of Taproot is hilarious, the crowd wasn't very enthusiastic at first, so he said we needed to be “mentored”. He kept teasing “Poem” to the crowd as they were getting anxious. I also learned that I recognized more Taproot songs than I thought I would. I also learned that Taproot originated from Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is interesting since I used to live there. Closing the concert with “Poem” the singer even invited one of the concert goers up to sing most of the song, which I thought was pretty awesome. Taproot was able to mesh a high energy show with moments of quiet reflection, which I thought was interesting in a hard rock show.

One more time I would like to say, if you get a chance, check out the Livewire in Mentor, Ohio. Next time, you need to be there!

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