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Can Kegel's Exercises Be Bad?

Kegel’s exercises are muscle contractions designed for men and women to control incontinence. There are also other benefits that can be gleaned from the exercises. For the last few years, men and women have been benefitting from Kegel’s exercises. However, there are many critics who have doubts about the effectiveness of the exercises, and in some cases whether or not the exercises are harmful.

FOR WOMEN - Kegel’s Exercises can work against incontinence in men and women. Incontinence in women is often caused by a weakened pelvic floor. It tends to afflict older women with a history of bladder issues. Also, women who have suffered tissue damage during childbirth can be susceptible to incontinence. Kegel’s exercises can help to strengthen the urethral muscles in order to end incontinence.

FOR MEN - Kegel’s exercises in men focus more on the squeezing of the prostate gland which controls urine flow in men. Men who exercise the prostate can aid in preventing incontinence. Men who have suffered prostate cancer may have more issues with Kegel’s exercises. Additionally, men who do Kegel’s exercises can also have stronger erections and better control of themselves when engaging in intercourse. However, there can be a downfall if too many Kegel’s exercises are done. Overtraining can lead to issues with urination.

INCORRECT EXERCISES - Opponents of Kegel’s often have had issues because they’ve tried Kegel’s and have not seen results. However, one must take into account the proper technique when doing them. Proper technique consists of first clenching the muscles involved, then instead of simply releasing, pushing out the muscle. Example: your bicep and tricep each contract to move your arm in one way or the other, if you overtrain your bicep your tricep will suffer and vice versa. The same idea applies to your Kegel’s muscle, if you only work on the clench aspect of the exercise you will only get half of the benefits.

OVERTRAINING - Some men and women have also found issues when they over train with Kegel’s. Some issues can consist of difficulty urinating or in some extreme cases damage to the muscles used to stop the flow of urine. However, these issues usually only occur if someone has previously damaged the muscles used in their Kegel’s exercises.

Discussion: Do you Kegel? How often? Does it help you?


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