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Physical Intervention

A physical intervention personal license is important to have in the case that you are ever in a situation where your life is in danger. Physical intervention is a set of techniques that helps one to protect themself from violence from other people with or without a weapon.

These intervention techniques are a form of self-defense and one that every individual should know when faced with a dangerous situation because one never knows when they could be assaulted by another. Physical intervention is not appropriate for all situations of emergency response only those where one may get hurt and this intervention is needed to protect one’s self. Getting a physical intervention personal license is easy and not too expensive.

A Physical intervention personal license is solely for the purpose of keeping one’s self out of harm when someone is being physically aggressive or physically abusive. Physical intervention is not for other emergencies like of a psychiatric nature, at least not all of the time as it only keeps one safe and does not talk to the assault perpetrator about their behavior and why they did what they did. There are other techniques for addressing the why and what can be done in the future to prevent assaultive behavior. Physical intervention comes in many different forms and no one form is better than another for protecting one’s self. Physical intervention personal license courses will teach you how to do the techniques properly.

Physical intervention should not be a first step for keeping one’s self safe, it should be used after techniques that address the person’s behavior and try to prevent an attack fail to work. These techniques are primarily when someone is so aggressive that they put others in harm’s way. Try all of the other interventions like talking someone down or empathizing with them before trying the physical intervention techniques. Once again a physical intervention personal license program will teach you all the steps needed to help someone.

When one thinks about doing a physical intervention to protect themselves it is important to think of the consequences like if the other person who is aggressive will get hurt and if that is acceptable or not acceptable. If de-escalation works it will be unnecessary to use these interventions as the person will have stopped with the aggressive behaviors. It is also possible with these interventions that the situation will get more dangerous and that the other may get injured badly and be more angry than they already are at this point. It is important to look at the situation on a level where different techniques are tried before physical intervention is utilized. Look at how the person is acting and if their behavior becomes more or less menacing with these interventions. A physical intervention personal license will help you to be prepared for these situations.

You might be wondering what steps to try before doing physical intervention. Some of the steps that are taught in a physical intervention personal license course includes the ones mentioned below. The first step is to ignore and not get involved with the assaultive person. This may or may not work depending on how escalated the individual is at this point. Next step is to use body language to indicate that you do not want to be a part of their negative and aggressive behaviors. At this point if the person is still aggressive you will want to use physical intervention to get the person to leave you alone and not hurt you.

As the situation escalates the physical intervention techniques will get more personal and may pose a risk to the assault perpetrator. Keep in mind this may make someone who is angry even angrier. If there are opportunities to take a class in your locale that teaches you what to do in regards to these techniques it would be beneficial and you can get advice on what you may be doing wrong as well. This could be offered as a self-defense class or as a physical intervention personal license class. Some places will even offer the classes at no charge to you although when looking at a physical intervention personal license there will be a cost to getting the license.

A good course for physical intervention personal license will teach you proper form and ways to avoid injury from the other individual and from the techniques. It is not about how strong you are but about how you can use the techniques. The class will teach you how to use your physical build to prevent attack from someone bigger or stronger. Remember size does not matter but knowing the techniques helps the most. When you use the techniques it will help to keep you safe and you will be able to protect yourself from any attack.

What you will learn in the physical intervention personal licenseclass is something along the lines of how to use proper form, how to ignore or prevent the situation from escalating, de-escalation, how to push the person away, how to keep yourself safe, how to hold the individual, how to let go, and how to get them to come with you. If a course does not teach these steps then you are not getting the appropriate training. These techniques come in handy when someone gets escalated and wants to hurt you. Do not attempt these interventions unless you are trained in them as if you are not you may further the attack or hurt yourself.

Discussion: Have you ever had to use physical intervention to save yourself?


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