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Writing Knights Press Presents: Silent Knights Slain!

December 15, 2011... a night that will forever live in infamy as the first Writing Knights Press event to showcase entirely new featured performers.

Okay, so not the most infamous log line, but the night was pretty close to amazing! We had some of the most prolific and long standing Cleveland Poets in attendance. As per usual, the show started at 7:30 with the Open Mic Joust and three performers who really tore up the mic. Marc Mannheimer, Jordan Sandidge and Eva Xanthopoulos. After 15 minutes of poetic battle, when the ink and spittle cleared, it was Eva holding the Open Mic Joust title!

Writing Knights dove straight into the features with a vengeance. Newcomer to the poetry scene, Ken Gradomski wowed the crowd so well that some of them forgot to hold their applause after his poignant words.

RA Washington took the stage next and brought with him a brutal delivery that hit straight to the core of the audience. He even took it to the next level by threatening the MC.

Following was Anita Keys with Ryann Anderson on bass. The mixture of intense lyrical content and melodic electric organ with superb rhythm had the audience forgetting entirely about the technical difficulties no doubt sent from a jealous Orpheus.

A local favorite from the Cleveland Poet scene, Bree took up the stage next sharing her life and experiences with love and other drugs, including an experience with hypothermia that was both terrifying and riveting. In the end, the audience felt at peace.

Last but certainly not least, the husband and wife duo of Smith & Lady, traded off for 45 minutes in a mixture of raspy bluesy poetry (Smith) and lilting delivery (Lady). Smith shared his own drug experience as well as a masturbatory poem, while Lady was eager to decry pretentiousness in her pieces.

All in all, the night was enjoyable with interlude poetry from Jim Morrison, George Carlin, Craig Scott and Andrew Line. Incidentally, Craig Scott and Andrew Line released Titles with Writing Knights Press this night.

Information on Andrew Line's "Masha Allah":

Information on Craig Scott's "Garage on the Edge of Town":

Until Next Month!
WK Pressman

Rebranded as WKP: 6 - Silent Knights Slain!

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