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Attitudes by Deborah Dunn

Body enticed by pure illusion,
  A Child cries, its toy is gone.
A flowers petals die and drop,
  Another death will soon be born.
The complex masses merge together,
  Atomic breakdown to not be stopped.
Formlessness beckons me nearer to it,
Another attitude is now copped.
Our souls diminish in instant disintegration,
  Our complex bodies, simple and none.
We lie there silent, not a word,
  A second life has just begun.
Voices cry out, All of it I hear.
  Remembrance on my mind is strange.
Burning fires lick, the spirit burned,
  Our souls destroying, gray and manged.
No escape the door locks behind us,
  Our despair is our own salvation.
The sins of flesh, flow deep in me,
  Lost in my own damnation.
I'm here forever.

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