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Blind by Deborah Dunn

Something wrong has happened here,
  But I'll refuse to see.
It's not that I don't understand,
  It makes much sense to me.
But why should I go out my way,
  When someone else needs help?
When everytime I needed it,
  They knew NOT how I felt.
So no more will we dare to give,
  Another helping hand.
Lest we are to risk our lives,
  Somewhere in our land.
It's not to hard to disregard,
  The visions that we get.
But it's too dangerous nowadays,
  And on that, you can bet.
Now, I don't want your bitter pity,
  That I don't expect.
Just save conceited mortirisms,
  For the one that's next.
Now go ahead, and say I'm blind,
  Then act all high and tall.
But answer this, My dear sweet friend...
  Aren't we all?

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