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Excuses - Late for Work

I am typically an “on-time” kind of guy. I make it to places when I am supposed to be there like a good little drone, I mean contributing member of society. I have been called reliable and all that. However, one day was a day unlike any other. One thing kept piling onto another and it turned out… not too great.

I had gotten ready to be on time for work and I was about ready to go. I went out to my balcony and grabbed the bike, checked the tires and… the back tire was flat. Luckily I had a just purchased a spare inner tube the day before. So I called my boss, told him I would be late and began to change the inner tube. As I struggled with the old inner tube and wheel smashed my toe with the wheel as I lost a hold of it and it fell.

I finally got the old inner tube off of the wheel and started to put the new inner tube on, but… it was too small. So I had to scamper to the nearby department store and get a new inner tube. A quick run and 20 minutes later I was out of breath and replacing the inner tube. Thankfully I had the right size this time. So I replaced the inner tube and got ready to ride again.

I stumbled down the stairs because I was in a hurry. I almost fell and slid down the stairs. Since I was on the third floor that would have been a painful landing, but I made it down safely. I got out the door and mounted my bike. I put on my helmet. I slipped on my reflective jacket. I took a deep breath and… torrential downpour.

Discussion: What are some of your "late for work" horror stories?

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