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How to Make Greek Stage Props

Props are a big part of any production no matter the origin, but Greek comedy and tragedy tend to require more detail to go with their detailed narratives. Your props can range from trees on the set to swords and shields carried by the thespians. Care must be taken when cutting or shaping wood or when hammering nails.

MATERIALS - Hammer, nails, cardboard, super glue, white poster board, box cutters, pens, paint, wood, various different types of saws, tape measure.

STEP ONE - Determine what you need. Greek productions uniquely require columns, so for these purposes we will make columns.

STEP TWO - Take your cardboard (which should be about an eighth of an inch thick) and cut them to size. They should be between 12 and 18 inches wide. The cardboard should be between three and six feet high.

STEP THREE - Draw your columns on the white poster board. There are many great online resources to choose from to get an exact drawing of the columns of Ancient Greece. Once you’ve drawn the column with a pen, go over the lines drawn with black paint to emphasize the lines. Next, paste the white poster board onto the cardboard.

STEP FOUR - Stabilize your column. Measure a thin piece of wood (two inches wide by an inch thick should be sufficient) the length of the wood should be at least half of the height of your total column. Next measure another piece of wood to nail to the bottom of the first. Next, paste the cardboard to the piece of wood. Make sure the wood and the poster board are on opposite sides of the cardboard.

Discussion: Have you ever made stage props for theatre? What are some of your favorite props made?


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