The Best Time to Write is Now... The Best Place to Write is Here... The Best Person to Write is You...


Ink of Life by Deborah Dunn

This untimely life,
 Only advantageous to ones self.
You show your needs,
 Your desires,
  Your wants..
Yet the chapters go untitled,
 Like the book you do not read.
But gentle words,
 Sooth the ink of your thoughts,
  Only to be written encrypted,
   For only the certain few to read.
You show and tell your life story,
 And let me know your fear.
  Opened pages, closed mind,
   Opened mind, closed pages,
 This cycle needs to end.
Bloosoming in spirit,
 Growing in mind,
  The beautiful being youve become.
With but only your energy to eminate,
    This mind so opened and aware.
  Dont fall fool to the wise mans words.
   But listen to his speech.
 Hear not but listen,
  All the answers are there..
  All the questions are there..
   I can answer them all,
   And be that light in the dark.
    As you've seen before,
     Felt before,
      Touched before
       As it was in the past,
      Those thousands of years ago.
     Feel the time prevail,
    And arise memories of those days,
   And know that you will only,
    Grow higher and wiser,
     From here
      For feelings are meant to be shown,
    Said, used, saved..
In forms of things,
 We know are right..
Like the water spilt,
 So is the blood,
  From the heart,
   And out pours the love.

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