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Moving Services

Financial concerns are ones most often addressed when considering a moving company. Moving services compete with one another for customers based on the charges concerning the services rendered. More popular companies will often be able to offer more moving services for a less expensive price. This can be a benefit to customers and often a selling point.

A national moving company (especially one that has multiple locations across the country) will be less likely to shave money off of their prices unless a deal is offered through the company itself. An independent moving company has the freedom to offer bundle deals that are not necessarily posted for easy to work with customers.

However, a national moving company is more likely to offer these bundle deals for their moving services. An independent moving company is more likely to charge higher prices since they are less likely to be able to establish bulk discounts with companies providing services to national companies. This is not always true.

A national moving company has more freedom when it comes to moving needs. They can usually offer moving services that include allowing a customer to drop their truck off in a different city instead of having to bring the truck back to the location from which they rented. An independent company cannot necessarily offer this moving service simply due to the lack of locations.

A moving service in your town gives the customer the chance to invest in their own community. This is a big deal for many customers. A national moving company most likely has a corporate office and the money they earn is feeding someone in another state, if not another country. People might have less of an issue with this unless they are against corporate giants taking over everything.

National moving services are also more likely to have storage units. If they are making money at a rate necessary to keep a national moving company running, they probably have the funds to keep storage units at most, if not all, of their locations.

Discussion: What are some of your worst horror stories of moving services? What are some of your best experiences with moving services?

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