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Playwriting Knights I!


Success was had for Writing Knights Press Presents: Playwriting Knights I!

The combination staged reading and birthday party for the Chairman went off without a hitch and fun was had. The audience laughed at all the right spots (and even some of the not right spots).

The Cast was as follows:

Adam Falkenstein as Tony
John Burroughs as Don/Smokey
Kiffany Francis as Louise
Sean Manos as Benny/Steve
Brenna MC as Pat
Stephanie Lauren as Andrea
Matt Mikulin as Becker
and last but not least, Azriel Johnson reading the stage directions.

Writing Knights Press is always on the look out for new performers in poetry, fiction, comedy and play writing. If you are an interested performer and are going to be in the Cleveland Area, hit up

WK Pressman

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