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The Truth of EDU Links

First things first, it should be noted that edu backlinks do not have “additional credibility from Google” as it pertains to Google Page Rank or search engine optimization algorithms. That being said, edu links do tend to hold more credibility from users who are browsing for information from websites and that are no small mention.

There is a common misconception that edu backlinks somehow raise the Google Page Rank more than net links or com links, but this simply is not the case. Do not sell edu backlinks short. There is no doubt nine out of ten casual internet users will click edu links before net or com links, so there is still some real value when it comes to these links. If a SEO entrepreneur can find a professor at a college to write articles and link his profile page on the college website to the articles the articles will get more hits.

Edu links may in fact show up higher on searches due to the fact that they are better trusted by users and therefore receive a higher amount of click through traffic. The increase of click through traffic is what makes these more valuable to SEO entrepreneurs. They do not have the trust of the search engines so much as they have the trust of the people who use the search engines. Edu backlinks are still important and if an SEO entrepreneur can get one or more they should do it, but they shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking they are more important in the algorithm.

SEO entrepreneurs may even be able to link to a specific article or piece of content from a college student website. Edu links have an inherent trust associated with them when users are searching for their next piece of information. Creating content that is relevant to an informational void an edu link may be experiencing can help. This will inspire those running the edu site to hook a back link to the content. Searching for a student blog is another effective way to find effective edu backlinks. If there is heavy competition and they have edu links, visit the same edu pages and see if they will link more content as well. All of these methods can bring about the occasional edu link and in turn bring in more traffic for a piece of content written for the purpose of enrichment of minds and of pocket books.

Discussion: What do you think of EDU links in your SEO? Do you covet them? Why or why not?

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