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Thirty Years of Knight!

January 26th marked the return to the Writing Knights stage of the Chairman Azriel Johnson. This time in Tow his new assistant Marissa Hyde who accompanied him for a co headlining performance as well as taking over some of the duties of hosting the event.

It was a second birthday party for the chairman as the event drew performers from as far away as Detroit, Michigan to showcase their poetic excellence.

To commemorate the successful first six months of Writing Knights Press, an Anthology Chapbook was released with one or two poems from most of the authors from 2011. Additionally a special dedication poem was written by local publisher Dianne Borsenik.

Opening the night was the Open Mic Joust which featured John Burroughs, Marc Mannheimer, Skylark, Heather Schmidt and Shelley Chernin (not necessarily in that order).

Following that was the first act of the evening Eva Xanthopoulos. She wowed the crowd with her vivid descriptions and poehemian passion.

Jor Dan picked up the mic next and laid down some old favorites as well as some brand new material straight out of his notebooks.

Heather Schmidt brought a guitarist as accompaniment as she delivered sweet poetry to the ears of all who were listening.

Zach Schraufl finally decided to grace us with his presence (just kidding) and really brought the house down in a good natured folk punk-o-rama.

The Ohioans followed him with a mixture of melodic acoustic soul with a deep passion connected to every word they sang and string they strummed.

Rachel Roth even joined us in an impromptu and delightful 10 minute set before the main event of the evening.

The co-headliners Johnson and Hyde traded back and forth between lunatic ravings and emotionally charged epiphanies all to the pleasured minds and hearts of the crowd. At the end of the night we all felt saved.

Finally, the winner of the joust was announced... Skylark was declared victor after a heavily skewed decision by our Assistant in Chief Ms. Hyde.

In addition to the Anthology, Chapbooks released were Howie Good's Personal Myths and David S. Pointer's MPs, Snipers and Crime.

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  1. Although I was there for only a brief time due to job obligations, the energy in the room was palpable, and the poets I DID get to hear were fantastic. Congrats on a great show and a handsome anthology, and Happy Birthday to you, Az.