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Using Online Dating Services

Chaz has been a member of an online dating service for over a year now and he has had marginal luck finding a date. Certainly, Chaz has been on a few dates and met a few girls from this site, but he has been having problems.

Chaz’s approach is simple. He is honest with the women whom he tries to get to know. Unfortunately, that is not what they want on the online dating services. Women who are deluded like Chaz go to online dating services to find the ‘man of their dreams.’ They come to be wowed. The women have to be impressed by the front the potential mate has put out or they will not be interested.

Chaz needs to remember that the ‘wow-factor’ is relative. Different women will be wowed by different things so Chaz must tailor each of his messages to the women whom he attempts to wow. Even then, Chaz must also realize that women receive so many messages from so many men using online dating services that his message is likely to be swamped among many other.

The best way for Chaz to get noticed is to say something provocative without saying something perverted. He has to be able to convey a sense of humor as well as a sense of control. If Chaz can catch the attention of the woman he messages he will be much more likely to gain her company in the coming weeks.

The biggest thing Chaz must remember is never give up. Even if he doesn’t get a message back in the first few attempts, he should keep going. There is no telling what is around the corner.

Discussion: Have you met any significant others on the internet? How did these relationships turn out?

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