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Waiting by Deborah Dunn

Pain dominates a life
A stumbling fall from grace.
Tears build and fall
Leaving trails on a face.
A soul ripped to shreds
left in tatters on the ground.
Twisting and turning in sleep,
dreaming of better days.
Waking in fear once again,
hoping to see better ways.
To know what is wanted
not knowing how to gain.
Something so simple,
something so plain.
Can bring about so much
destruction and pain.
Loving without reserve.
Wanting to be held.
Failing once again
to get what is wanted.
Failing to live life
without being haunted.
Waiting for it all to end
A life to be held in debate.
Left alone in the dark.
alone in the cold.
A life not done,
another story of old.
Angels watch in sadness,
knowing when time will come.

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