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Activating a Bluetooth

A brand’s Bluetooth is no different than any other brand of Bluetooth. The difference arises in what type of phone you want to connect the Bluetooth to. For these purposes we will use the LG Rumor as a model, any variations will be noted.

Step One – Charge the Bluetooth. When you purchase a new Bluetooth device, it will not have much (if any) charge on the device. If your device is charged (give it at least a half hour) proceed to the next step.

Step Two – Turn on the Bluetooth. This can be done by holding the same button you would touch to answer a call. Most Bluetooth devices will have a light that will flash when the Bluetooth is charging. This light will flash in a different color when the Bluetooth is on.

Step Three – Go to the Main Menu on your phone. Move to the Tools section of your phone and select Bluetooth. Some phones will have Bluetooth on the Main Menu instead of making you go through the Tools to find it.

Step Four – Unless you are a typical Bluetooth user when you select Bluetooth the phone will ask if you want to turn your Bluetooth on. Choose yes. Then the Bluetooth menu will show a list of Bluetooth devices (including phones in your immediate vicinity to pair your phone with). Select the top option “Add New” and the phone will search for your Bluetooth. Some phones will call this option “Find Device.”

Step Five – Once your phone has located your Bluetooth select it. For a Samsung brand the device will read “Samsung (insert model number here).” Once you’ve selected the device the phone will ask for the PIN of the device, the PIN for all new Bluetooth devices is 0000. You can change the PIN by following the directions included with your Bluetooth device.

Discussion: Do you have problems with your Bluetooth device? If so, how have you fixed the problems?

Cited: Experience with cell phones and their accessories.

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