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African Clothing

African fashion clothes are becoming more popular ever since President Obama was elected. It has suddenly become vogue to reach back in time towards the cultural roots of African traditional clothes. Even African wedding clothes are becoming more popular for those of African descent. The African traditional clothes follow not only cultural guidelines but functional purposes as well. African culture traditionally favors function before form. A design on clothing is not initially there for aesthetic reasons, rather it might serve a religious purpose. Westernized thought changes the meaning of these designs because they look good but the true meaning should not be forgotten.

The dashiki is a piece African wedding clothes traditionally worn by men over matching drawstring pants. Dashikis are also popular among Kwanzaa celebrations. The dashiki serves a purpose, namely to convey tribal connection and status. The meaning changes for Western Africans, instead identifying them as one African people.

Discussion: What do you think of the recent resurgence of traditional African Clothing?

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