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Aruba Vacations with Kids

Although typically seen as a spot for lovers young and old, Aruba is actually very family friendly. Parents can bring their kids expecting them to have just as much fun as mom and dad. Here are a few fun things the kids can do why mom and dad are enjoying each other’s company. Remember to use common safety practices when it comes to the safety of your children.

Air – Younger kids can always grab a kite from one of the shops and fly it on the beach. For older children, more options open up, including windsailing lessons and parasailing.

Trees – With the tropical climate, it is expected there will be many tours of the beautiful landscape. However, for younger children this may not work as well. So adding the secret ingredient (Jeeps) will entice almost any child into having a good time.

Water – Days on end can be spent with mom and dad under the cover of an umbrella and the kids at a safe distance in the swells of the ocean. Keep one eye on your kids and one eye on each other.

Animals – There are a number of exotic animals on Aruba that on your own special explorations you can encounter them. A number of lizards including iguanas inhabit the area as well as wild donkeys.

Dune Surfing – After your tour, you might be feeling a little tired, but the kids still have some energy. Take them to Boca Prins for some dune surfing. This can be likened to rolling down large grassy hills back home. Only now the kids can use old cardboard boxes to slide down the sand.

Discussion: What are some fun stories with you and the kids in Aruba?


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