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Considering a Second Master's Degree

In theory having a second Master’s degree sounds like a good idea. More education usually means having a better job and better opportunities in that job. However let’s take a closer look and see if there really are benefits from a second Master’s degree or not.

Sure, you’ve gained your first Master’s degree and you are pretty knowledgeable in your primary subject, but sometimes your job requires more. You make yourself much more versatile in the work force and in your own job when you acquire more knowledge in a new subject.

Become Indispensable
Your newly earned degree will allow you to become more of an asset at your current job. You will be less likely to be cut if layoffs have to be put in place at your job. Considering the way the economy is at the time of this writing that is something we all need to worry about. No one would think of cutting someone with two Master’s degrees unless the situation was truly dire.

Statistics show that people with more education make more money. Getting that second Master’s will likely outweigh the money you’ve put into acquiring the degree. But you also must take into account how much money you will be spending to get the second degree. Is it worth the time and money you will be spending? Will the gains outweigh the costs?

A Career Shift
So you have your first Master’s in something you once enjoyed, but now are tired of in one way or another. There is no harm in going back and getting a degree in a totally unrelated subject. In fact, sometimes it is encouraged. Your previous experience can only help you in your new endeavor.

A Career Enhancement
You might be considering a second Master’s in a related field. Some will agree that this is a good idea, however, some are more likely to tell you to further your education in the field you are already in. The unfortunate circumstance is that a Bachelor’s degree will likely cost more than acquiring a second Master’s degree.

Discussion: Do you have a second Master's Degree? Has it helped you? If yes, how so, if not why not?


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