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The Best Aruba Vacations

Aruba is one of the great tourist spots in the Caribbean. There is much to do and a whole lot of time to do it in. Take a look at some of the attractions.

Shopping – A shop in Aruba could be touted as a paradise in itself. The items found therein are some of high quality and high price. Most major credit cards are accepted in these stores.

Sports Activities – Aruba offers many kinds of sporting activities, mostly involving the beach. These activities include, sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, the Rhino Rider Water Safari, swimming, jet skiing, fishing and much more.

Nature Walks – The best way to get a real feel for the landscape in Aruba is to take a self guided tour. It is recommended to use a Jeep or to go on horseback. There is an amazing natural pool that is filled with fish, so if you are a snorkeler, there is much opportunity there for you.

Pirates – There are more than a few caves on Aruba. These caves once housed Arawak Indians as well as Caribbean pirates in centuries past. Also, divers can visit shipwrecks of some of these pirates just off the coast of Aruba.

And More – If that wasn’t enough, Aruba offers “semi-submarine” tours where you can go to the bottom of the vessel and look at sunken ships covered in coral. There is also a Natural bridge that once was sturdy, but collapsed. Another is building to take its place.

Discussion: What are some fun stories from Aruba?


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