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Leap Knight (February 29, 2012)

I wish I could say I haven't posted this recap because the event was so awesome I haven't been able to think straight since it happened... I'd be wrong if I said that... life has just been WAY busy since the 29th and it's hard to keep up with what Cleveland Poetry throws at me, but I'm trying. :)

However, what has been truly awesome is the support Writing Knights has received in the past two months. January's events were AMAZING and Leap Knight was probably the best event we've had since the first one. By FAR!

Not only was there the Open Mic Joust, but Writing Knights also held a Chapbook Auction offering up the past books produced for opening bids of $0.25. The bids reached as high as $7.00 per book!

Let's do a simple recap... The Open Mic Joust featured eight competitors all ready to rock our socks off! We heard from Craig Firsdon, John Burroughs, Marissa Hyde, Christina Brooks, Vladimir Swirynski, Eva Xanthopoulos, Dan Smith and Cindy. They eight poets fought their way through the Joust with a winner to be revealed at the end of the show.

Leap Knight began with Arianna McCall and her unique blend of innocence and matter of fact F' You work (she's not allowed to curse because of Lent).

Following her was Toledo's own Michael Grover. He brought a casual style that amazed the crowd with his skillful word play.

Next up was John Dorsey, another Toledo native with a lot of poetic experience under his belt that brought on more fun than anyone was expecting to have, including the poet himself. :)

Following Dorsey was the SkyLine Duo of Andrew Line and Skylark. They brought a SLAM style confessional flavor to the Writing Knights stage filled with heartbreak, loss and sexuality. Writing Knights Press also released Andrew Line's book "Masha Allah: Part Two" as our first color cover book.

Last and certainly not least was Dianne Borsenik. Reading some of her new release "Bad Ink" and some of her own work from her Night Ballet Press, Dianne capped an already amazing knight of Leaps of faith and Leaps of imagination.

Our winner of the Open Mic Joust was Marissa Hyde (and no she didn't cheat). The night even felt the presence of expert photographer Casey Rearick who took some amazing shots of everyone performing and the audience as well.

The Lions VS Rams event is looking to be even more fun filled with Colton Bose leading a group of Cleveland poetry masters!

WK Pressman

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