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A Reign of Words (April 29, 2012)

April 29, 2012 was a sad day for Writing Knights. It was our last day at our place of birth, Bela Dubby. The impending reconstruction loomed in the air. This was also the last night of the Open Mic Joust and we had a great number of young, up and coming poets compete.

The night began with the Open Mic Joust. The three minute round was packed with Slam-U graduates and seasoned veterans. The one minute round found power inside the words and the winner of it all was Antoine Maddox.

The features began with Marc Mannheimer who released his book "if the moon was right." He wowed the crowd with his words and really hit home by the end of his set.

Akeemjamal and Arianna Cheree made us laugh and made us cry with their poignant word usage. They were there also in support of the Slam-U graduates.

Nationally known, Zach Friedhof brought his eclectic mix of folk rock and political savvy to get the crowd up and dancing.

Kevin Schlereth, on a national tour from Missouri, balanced Zach's energy with heart felt lyrics and a soulful voice that left us all wondering what was next.

RA Washington kept us waiting, but when he finally arrived, he made good and had us rollicking in laughter and reveling in the power of his words.

All in all it was a good night, with an additional book releases (Justin Reynolds' "up against the firing squad").

We left Bela Dubby feeling satisfied in a job well done.

WK Pressman

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