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Lions VS Rams (March 31, 2012)

Hey all!

So if you weren't at Lions VS Rams, you missed a lot! We tried to have a Lions VS Rams battle, but our teams didn't exactly work out. Its fine, the Open mic still went off without a hitch with our new format.

We had three judges help decide the battle between six poets bound and determined to be the winner of the battle. Round One left the field ready and raring to head into battle.

The features began with Ken Gradomski (Author of "I Write the Colors") his strong delivery allowed for absorption of his selected poetic passages.

Following was Mistress Rosie (Authoress of "Myths and Other Misdemeanors" Writing Knights Press, 2012). She brought her own version of domination and poetic excellence to the stage including a duo piece with the host Azriel Johnson.

Next up was a fan favorite, Rachel Roth. Her disorganized delivery was charming and her usually pert poetry was bookended by a novel excerpt that would have teased Mistress Rosie's imagination.

The second round of the Open Mic Joust left the audience staggering metaphorically and breathless. The competitors went fast and furious into their pieces.

Local poetry hero Terry Provost took the stage next and bombarded the audience with ideas all over the map of poetic expression and the audience thanked him immensely for it.

Former 19 Action News front man Jacob Dahlke took the stage next without his new cadre of musicians (The New Nineteens) to deliver an acoustic performance of new music and old 19AN favorites including a request which the Host took part in as an impromptu back up singer.

Last but not least was Colton Bose, author of A Stranger in the Alps (Writing Knights Press, 2011). His usual towering stature was pleasantly diminished as he chose to sit at everyone else's level, play his bongos and wow the audience with his verbal acuity.

As the night closed, the winner of the Joust was announced, Vertigo Xavier and brief mention was made of the upcoming July poetry fest, The Grand Tournament.

The Staff at WKP simply cannot wait for April's "A Reign of Words"!

WK Pressman

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