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Author Jon Case

Author Jon Case has a voice that dares not trouble the waters, his words encourage a restful mind. His short stories, particularly Ten Percent Arnie, are pieces of untamed writing that do their best to convey an easily accessible and long recounted story of people testing their own mortality. The repetitive language lulls the reader into a sense of security where they realize the inevitability of the character’s demise, but are not shocked by it.

Read Ten Percent Arnie here: "Ten Percent Arnie"

In contrast, Gretchen wakes the reader from their slumber and puts them into a surreal world of longing and confusion. The familiar but nightmarish landscape painted in the short story attempts to unsettle the reader with disjointed sentences and familiar and familial images. Gretchen brings the frightened flying dream and the disaster dream together in a mix that leaves the reader unable to grasp exactly what has been going on.

Read Gretchen here: "Gretchen"

Yaeger’s Sin is taking a new look at the classic Grimm Faery tale story of two boys who are making what they think is harmless fun and encounter an old man who might think it something other than harmless. The boys soon learn that the old man is something more sinister than harmless and they may face something more sinister than they could have ever imagined.

Read an excerpt here: "Yaeger's Sin"

The Gifts of Kristöfer Kröngl is a prequel to the legend of Santa Claus and tries to take a more discriminating eye to the legend with an attempt to show a new side to the legend.

Read an excerpt here: The Gifts of Kristöfer Kröngl

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