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Change for Poets (May 26, 2012)

This night was a night of firsts.

This was the first night Writing Knights Press had an event at the Literary Cafe in Tremont. It was the first night Writing Knights has ever had a current Poet Laureate performing at a show. This was also the first show in support of the Upcoming Grand Tournament!

The show was packed into the cozy space in the back of the Lit and everyone was ready for a stellar night of poetry. With no Open Mic Joust to hinder our poets, the open mic performers were spread through the night bringing forth new and different work to share with the rest of the group. It was a night of laughter as every performer we had brought their own brand of humor.

Our first feature was Antoine Maddox, winner of the final Open Mic Joust in April. He made us laugh, he made us think, he brought us a fresh voice.

Jordan Castro's poetry was simple, straightforward and tinged with some humor. He brought with him an entourage of people who shared in the open mic greatness.

Jen Pezzo followed with simplicity and poise in her disarray and reading from an iPad. But we won't hold technology against her... this time!

Writing Knights Press veteran Steve Brightman rained down upon us in a torrent of poetry that showed us yet another side of life in North East Ohio.

Last but not least, Cavana Faithwalker, Poet Laureate of Cleveland Heights graced our stage and brought his years of experience with poetic acumen unlike we've seen lately at a Writing Knights event.

The night was pretty amazing as we collected change for the upcoming edition of The Squire. Only a couple people contributed, but their donations were well received and appreciated.

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