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Key West Fishing

As a former Boy Scout I’m always intrigued when people are talking about being prepared like a Boy Scout and for a Key West Fishing enthusiast one needs to be prepared for the best and the worst. Whether someone is going on a fishing trip he’s been planning or just a spur of the moment trip with a friend who calls out of the blue, preparedness is next to godliness for fishermen. Sometimes extended readiness pays off especially in the cases of booking, but sometimes one just has to test their luck. Charter boats are available all times of the year, but sometimes they are all booked, so while on a whim is not always the best way to go, sometimes luck is in a fisher’s favor.

But this story is mildly amusing. Since I have never had this kind of experience (I mean I have been fishing, but never in Key West), my brother was always the prepared Boy Scout when we would go fishing on the lake when I was a kid and if he was not prepared I did not know the difference anyway.

Anyway, the website “Absolute Fishing Key West” is a great website to get in contact with experts of the area who can book charter boats. The charter masters will probably recommend booking far in advance and truly be prepared for unexpected circumstances, but sometimes luck is with the booker. A few times luck will pay off but if the fisher is well prepared the stars will align so to speak. Family and friends who want to go fishing will have the day off and fun can be had by all.

Read the story here: “Key West Fishing”

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