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How to Make a Model of the Brain (Version One)

Studying can be a drag especially if you have to pour over textbooks and papers the entire time. Boredom is certainly not conducive to learning. To reduce the monotony when you are studying the brain, follow these instructions.

Water, gelatin mix, brain mold, text book
Step One
Buy a brain mold from a craft store. Most craft stores will have some sort of brain model for you to use. If they don’t they can certainly point you in the right direction to find one.
Step Two
Buy some gelatin mix. Grocery stores tend to have gelatin mix in the dessert isle.
Step Three
Mix the gelatin. Follow the directions on the box to make a good amount of gelatin. You want enough gelatin to fill the brain mold.
Step Four
Pour the gelatin into the brain mold. Be careful not to spill the gelatin outside of the mold. It tends to be difficult to clean when it is in liquid form. Let it sit according to the box directions.
Step Five
Study. When the gelatin has solidified you can take it out of the mold and begin the study. You should be able to use your text book to identify the different lobes of the brain in your gelatin mold. Label them as you go.
Step Six
Eat. When you’re finished with your studying, now you have a great snack. Who doesn’t love gelatin? You can even make jokes concerning the parts of the brain you eat. For instance, if you devour the frontal lobe you can tell your friends that now your jello brain is no longer capable of higher brain function.

Discussion: What does YOUR Brain Model look like?

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