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Magic the Gathering "Giant Deck"

OVERVIEW - The overwhelming power of Giants is the focus of this deck. Fast playing and flying creatures dot this deck to give it a little flavor and range if dealing with a particularly strong or numerous ground army. The extraneous spells are merely for support as you will want to roll over your opponent as quickly as possible.

Axegrinder Giant
Bloodmark Mentor
Boldwyr Heavyweights
Borderland Behemoth
Cloudgoat Ranger (x 2)
Crush Underfoot
Fists of Anvil (x 2)
Flamekin Brawler (x 3)
Furnace Whelp (x 2)
Giant Harbinger (x 4)
Giant’s Ire (x 2)
Hillcomber Giant
Hostile Realm (x 4)
Karplusan Wolverine (x 2)
Lairwatch Giant
Lash Out
Mountains (x 15)
Plains (x 8)
Sisters of the Flame
Stinkdrinker Daredevil (x 2)
Wall of Fire (x 2)
Wandering Graybeard (x 2)

CREATURES - A combination of the Wandering Graybeard with the Giant Harbinger can be a daunting task to your opposition, gaining you a possible 20 extra life points. The Stinkdrinker makes your expensive giants little more than a goblin. The Karplusan is a great early game creature. The Bloodmark Mentor will make all of your trampling giants first strike as well. Wall of Fire can intimidate many a foe. The Boldwyr Heavyweights might allow for an opposing creature to come into play, but they are so cheap it is definitely worth the cost.

SORCERY - Everyone could use a little bit of Giant’s Ire shoved in their face when they least expect it. And no mage could afford to waste the card draw.

ENCHANTMENT - The Hostile Realm can keep your opponents’ bigger more threatening creatures out of the way as you lay into them.

INSTANT - Incinerate and Lash Out are great early game cards. The Fists of Anvil will help give your giants a little bit of a push when they need it most.

LAND - One may consider non-basic lands that can give both red and white mana, but otherwise basic is the way to go here.

CLOSING THOUGHTS - I would never make an unbeatable deck. I believe that Magic the Gathering is about learning to think critically and strategically and having weaknesses in a deck is all a part of the plan. Let me know in the comments if this deck works for you or if there are any changes you would make to it. I am eager to exchange ideas.

Happy Playing!

DISCLAIMER - I do not own Magic the Gathering or the rights to any of this information. All of the cards mentioned are intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. I do not claim this deck will be successful in tournament or any other competition.

Discussion: What do you think of this Deck? What changes would you make?

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