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Magic the Gathering "Poison Sliver Deck"

OVERVIEW - Slivers just seem like a bunch of creatures you stick together and get a single desired result. This could be a simplified version of what goes on, but they can also be arranged in a very intricate harmony with a purpose. If your Slivers do not kill your opposition on their own, you have always got poison counters.

Basal Sliver (x 4)
Crypt Sliver (x 4)
Forests (x 8)
Frenzy Sliver (x 4)
Gemhide Sliver (x 4)
Might Sliver
Mindslash Sliver (x 4)
Reflex Sliver (x 4)
Root Sliver (x 2)
Snake Cult Initiation
Spinneret Sliver
Spitting Sliver (x 4)
Swamps (x 12)
Vampiric Sliver (x 4)
Virulent Sliver (x 4)

CREATURES - This Sliver swarm is pretty much unstoppable. I played a multiplayer game against them before I added the Crypt Slivers and no one could touch him. He did not win the game, but it went on so long that if the Crypts had been there he would have won. The Virulent Sliver is your key to a poison victory here.

ENCHANTMENT – The Snake Cult Initiation enchantment is just to add to one of the Slivers in case you do not get one of the four Virulent Slivers. Or you can add it afterwards of course.

LAND - I usually stick with 24 lands per deck, but in the case of Slivers I allow 20 lands. This makes room for more Slivers and more destruction to your opponent.

CLOSING THOUGHTS - I would never make an unbeatable deck. I believe that Magic the Gathering is about learning to think critically and strategically and having weaknesses in a deck is all a part of the plan. Let me know in the comments if this deck works for you or if there are any changes you would make to it. I am eager to exchange ideas.

Happy Playing!

DISCLAIMER - I do not own Magic the Gathering or the rights to any of this information. All of the cards mentioned are intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. I do not claim this deck will be successful in tournament or any other competition.

Discussion: What do you think of this deck? What changes would you make?

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