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Magic the Gathering "Jace's Traumatize Deck"

OVERVIEW - The Traumatize card is the focal point of this deck. Most of the support cards deal with hitting your opponents’ library. With four Traumatize cards you should be able to extend this deck from a simple duel deck to a multiplayer game.

Beacon of Tomorrows
Broken Ambition (x 3)
Cathartic Adept (x 3)
Counsel of Soratami (x 2)
Deepchannel Mentor
Dire Undercurrents
Drowner Initiate (x 3)
Drowner of Secrets
Helm of the Ghostlord (x 3)
Island (x 23)
Jace Beleren
Memory Sluice
Merrow Commerce (x 2)
Merrow Reejerey (x 2)
Merrow Witsniper (x 2)
Serum Visions
Stonybrook Banneret
Thieving Magpie
Thought Reflection
Traumatize (x 4)
Vedalken Entrancer (x 2)

CREATURES - Scalplexis is the star of this show, not just decking your opponent, but removing the cards it has decked from the game. The support cast keeps your opponent at bay long enough so you can hit your opponent something to think about. Also consider taking the Thieving Magpie and Stonybrook Banneret out and replacing it with two more Drowner of Secrets.

SORCERY - Traumatize obviously is the star here. One might even trade out the Counsel of Soratami spells for two more Serum Visions.

ENCHANTMENT - With the merfolk focus in the creatures, Merrow Commerce is key. You want to be able to use your Merfolk as much as possible. The Helm of the Ghostlord will mainly be used for the blue effect unless you decide to put in some black creatures.

INSTANT - Broken Ambition is key to this deck, it saved me a number of time from a Land Destruction that would have ruined my chance to get Traumatize out as soon as I could.

PLANESWALKER - Jace’s drawing ability as well as his decking ability make him a double threat. Combine his drawing with a Thought reflection and you are more likely to get to the cards you need to play.

LAND - 23 lands are a bare minimum for this deck. You may consider some non-basics that give both black and blue mana.

CLOSING THOUGHTS - I would never make an unbeatable deck. I believe that Magic the Gathering is about learning to think critically and strategically and having weaknesses in a deck is all a part of the plan. Let me know in the comments if this deck works for you or if there are any changes you would make to it. I am eager to exchange ideas.

Happy Playing!

DISCLAIMER - I do not own Magic the Gathering or the rights to any of this information. All of the cards mentioned are intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. I do not claim this deck will be successful in tournament or any other competition.

Discussion: What do you think of this deck? What changes would you make?

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