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Safety Ideas for Kids

Our children are very important, they are the future of humanity so we must protect them, but at the same time we must give them freedom to become independent adults who will one day run things.
Trusting Their Instincts
Unfortunately, with more people on the earth than ever before the number of dangers has risen as well. With the advent of the internet further dangers arise. However, as a parent there is no need to be extra cautious with your children, only smarter. Parents need to be able to effectively communicate the dangers of the world without harming the child and making them afraid of everything. Teach your child to trust their instincts when they pertain to strangers. This can be the parent’s biggest help. A child who is taught to trust their feelings when confronted with uncomfortable situations is more able to adapt and better able to make proper choices. The biggest thing to remember when teaching your child to trust their feelings is to trust them as well.
Teaching Good Habits
There are some really good habits children can get started on in their youth that will carry over into their adult years. These habits can mean the difference between a healthy child and a trip to the emergency room. Teaching the importance of your child wearing a helmet when they ride their bicycle or skateboard can be one of the best safety ideas for kids. Brushing teeth is another great habit many children sometimes lack in. Good examples come to the children from their parents. The parents are the best role models the children could ever have.
Techniques to Prevent Accidents
Prevention is the best cure to most ailments. Teaching a child the proper usage of many of the most common appliances is one of the best safety ideas for kids. It is also the best way to ensure they will not have an accident later. Appliances such as can-openers or knife sharpeners should only be operated when supervised by an adult, but that does not mean the child should not be allowed to use them. Overprotective parents lead to over-dependent children.
Our children need to learn how to be independent otherwise all of these safety ideas for kids will mean nothing. A child who has all the knowledge in the world will not be able to put it to use without a chance to gain life experience through activities that promote independence. Activities that promote independence could include, but are not limited to martial arts, community service work, allowing the child to baby sit other and younger children or staying home alone.
Discussion: Parents: How do you feel about teaching your kids to trust their instincts and foster their independence? 

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