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Tips for Traveling in China

China is a very different country than that of most others. However, there are similarities between traveling in China compared to others. There are many things that you will need if you are taking a trip to China. Being in another country you will have to take some special precautions before you head to China. These are some items to bring with you, things to know and tips to follow before you take your journey to make it easier and more enjoyable.
Travel Guides
A travel guide with you is one of the best things you can bring with you. A travel guide will provide you with sights to see as well as simple customs that one should follow. Frommer’s Travel Guides are trustworthy.

Getting a map or finding a local guide is a very good idea. There are places tourists can go that cannot be found on any map, this is where a local guide can be of much help. Knowing your surroundings is very useful in any endeavor because the last thing you want is to be lost. There are many different attractions tourists can visit including The Great Wall, a Yangtze River cruise and one can even take a side trip to Tibet. Your tour guides can give you more information.

Some travel agents will say they have been in business since the 50’s. However, the Chinese government did not authorize travel agencies until 1978. If an agency declares establishment before 1978, consider their authenticity.

A backpack will be especially useful if you are taking long walks through cities or long hikes through the country side. You can keep any number of items with you including socks, maps, cell phones and toilet paper. A backpack is a necessity. Your backpack is one of the best things you can carry with you. Keep in mind what you should pack in it. Keep a change of clothes handy as well as a map and a dictionary for translation purposes.

There are plenty of sights to see in China. You will want to record your experiences with a digital camera. Make sure the camera is small and light, easily fitting into your pockets.

This may seem like an obvious mention, but money will get you many places a simple smile will not. It’s a good idea to have your national currency changed to that of the Chinese yuan.

Business cards can strike up a good rapport with everyone you encounter. You can hand your cards out to hotels (which will sometimes ask for the card anyway) as well as restaurants or people you do business with.

Medical Needs
Visiting your doctor before you take a trip overseas is probably the best thing you can do to prepare. Your doctor can give you advice for your health while you are traveling. Keep in mind, yellow fever is prevalent in China. Chinese law will not permit a traveler who has not been vaccinated against the fever. You must show proof of this vaccination before being allowed entry into China.

If you have any chronic illnesses that may flare up while you are in China you will want to have record of them. Additionally, blood type, glasses prescriptions, medical allergies and immunization records are very important to have with you.

If you have any medical, needs such as diabetes medicine or otherwise bring your original pill bottles. Additionally, bring a sufficient amount of medicine for your trip. Special medications such as asthma inhalers should be kept in immediate supply.

Should you be lactose or gluten intolerant, you should be prepared to provide some verification to any restaurants in China. Or you should know what to order to avoid the conflict all together. Chinese cuisine is primarily consistent upon rice and wheat. However, there are many choices available to travelers including some of their own national cuisine.

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