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Goidel and Siegel, LLP

Car accidents happen in an instant. Before the involved parties know it, there is damage to vehicles and sometimes there is damage to the people in the automobiles. While these accidents happen in one second of time, the filing and claiming of injury compensation can often take a long time.  The attorneys of Goidel and Siegel, LLP know that people need representation right away when it comes to car accidents and they are ready to offer their expertise in all matters relating to car accidents in New York. Goidel and Siegel know that people involved with physical trauma associated with car accidents need all the help they can get.

The statute of limitations on filing a personal injury claim in New York is three years. In some municipalities it is shorter. When injured in a car accident it is wisest to get claims started and filed as fast as possible, even the next day. Doctor’s bills, lawyers bills, insurance claims all take a long time to gather up and put together, so having an attorney ready at the opening gate at the earliest possible moment to file can save a lot of grief in the legal system especially in civil courts. Many a case has been dismissed under the statute of limitations clause alone.

Goideland Siegel, LLP are ready to handle any insurance or personal injury claim in New York. They are the best New York Car Accident Attorneys available and they are ready to service any accident related need. 

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