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Termite Treatment

            So you’ve got an infestation of termites. They are eating their way through your walls. You can almost hear them chewing and swallowing the wood they are devouring. It sounds like a thousand tiny mouths biting at once. Okay, stop, take a deep breath and get a grip. Here are some options you can pursue to be rid of these pests.

            Liquid Termite Treatment
            Spray this stuff around your house. Make sure you get into any wood that is exposed. It will start to sink into the wood to kill or repel the termites.
            Termite Bait
            Much like ant baits, you place them where the termites are. The termites come out, take some bait and take them back to the rest of the colony soon they are spread out through the family of termites.
            Borate Treatment
            This method is more of a preventative when you are building your house than a treatment after it has already been built. The Borate treatment is applied to the wood like a coat of paint and it is meant to repel the termites.
            This method only works on the termites that have invaded your structure, the drywood variety of termite. This treatment will not work on subterranean termite. The basic application is pack your pet and kids and leave town for a couple days while you set off the fumigation bomb.
            Professional Help
            For termites, it is often suggested that people simply call the experts. Dealing with termites is a tricky business if you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t want them multiplying instead of dying off do you? Call the experts if you are unsure.

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