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The Grand Tournament (July 28, 2012)

10 Poets from the United States and India battled for a chance at the first full length book release by Writing Knights Press.

10 Judges from Ohio and Kentucky scrutinized the manuscripts submitted.

Five poets were chosen to do battle at the One Year Anniversary event of Writing Knights Press... the Grand Tournament!

The original Five were Andrew Line, Dennis Shanaberg, Kathleen Gallagher, Kevin Frederick Smith and Skylark Bruce. Unfortunately Andrew had to back out at the last moment, paving the way for Brian Horrocks to take his place.

Musical interludes were provided by Meganne Stepka. Poetic interludes were provided by Gavin Corey, his friend Brad and Deborah Rosenblum.

Our first time hosts, the BreakNeck Gallery offered a wide space that left standing room only by the end of the show. Writing Knights Press also released The Squire: Volume One: Grand Tournament Anthology. Writing Knights also made people aware of the new T-Shirts being sold at the show (merchandise link later).

After a brief, but rousing introduction from our dynamic duo, the competition began.

First on the chopping block was Dennis Shanaberg. He brought the crowd full force in with his actor persona and his potential for poetic prowess.

Secondly, Brian Horrocks made us laugh with his performance of "Ode to Sleep" and the rest of his performance gave the crowd something to look forward to in his future.

Third was Kathleen Gallagher. She was battling under the influence of a 24 hour flu bug, but still brought the house down with a combination of story telling and poetry. She even sported a scarf as a prop.

Fourth, was Kevin Frederick Smith, a Hessler Street Fair finalist and a young and up and coming poet. He shared his persona poems and the crowd particularly enjoyed his series of Haiku.

Fifth and finally was Skylark Bruce. She brought her SLAM experience to the Writing Knights stage and the crowd brought their snaps of approval.

After a brief interlude of tabulating scores, the venue was thanked, the crowd was appreciated, the musician and poets were praised, the winner was announced.

In fifth place was Dennis Shanaberg;
In fourth place was Brian Horrocks;
In third place was Kevin Frederick Smith;
In second place was Kathleen D. Gallagher;
and the winner and first champion
of the Writing Knights Press
Grand Tournament....

Skylark wins the right to be published as the first ever Writing Knights Press perfect bound full length author.

All participants receive a copy of the anthology. The five performers receive the chance to release chapbooks with Writing Knights at a later date.

The judges received or will receive copies of The Squire: Grand Tournament Anthology as well as copies of the completed book by Skylark Bruce.

Writing Knights Press thanks you for reading and attending the Grand Tournament and hope you will attend or enter next year!

WK Pressman

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