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Writing Knights Press Presents: Michael Salinger


This night was full of laughs and the love of poetry. There was a definite leaning towards humor all night. 

Siddartha Beth Pierces' book In the Beginning and the End was released this night and throughout the evening our irrepressible host recited some poetry from the book.

The beginning of the open mic showed us Deb Rosenblum (competitor in the Grand Tournament) and Maeve Kroeger (a relative newcomer). Azriel Johnson followed up with a poem from The Squire: Grand Tournament Anthology.

Gaz the Comedian opened up and wowed the crowd with not only his comedic prowess, but he also incorporated a recorder and a poem of his own (having never written/performed a poem before). There were no mere titterings, rather full blown belly laughs on many occasions.

Carla Thompson shared a piece from her recently released book "Anywhere Else But Here" with the Poet's Haven.

Jill Riga kept the humor going with her off the wall observations of life through the eyes of objects not normally possessed of eyes or possessed of self awareness. The Lobster Phone series was a favorite among the crowd.

Renay Sanders unexpectedly (even to herself) shared with us a piece.

Terry Provost took the crowd over and made everyone happy they came. His delivery was spot on and the crowd really responded to every piece he shared. He was animated and really wound up the audience into a fervor of poetic love.

Michael Salinger finished up the night with work spanning family, teaching, children, rock climbing, travel and other subjects. He got the audience on their feet to act out a poem he wrote for kindergartners. He engaged in a good amount of banter to let the audience know he was there for their entertainment and edification.

If you want to see photos from the show click HERE.

Be sure to be at the Literary Cafe 1031 Literary Road in Cleveland, OH for John Dorsey and others starting at 7pm!

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