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Most Lucrative Careers

With the economic downturn slowly turning back up, people might not be looking at the most lucrative careers. However, for the more entrepreneurial spirits, they may consider the time, education, and risk involved with some of the projected most lucrative careers. It is to be expected, best selling poet is not on the list.

Radiologists are fifth on the list of most lucrative careers. The field requires extensive schooling, including four years of undergrad, four years of medical school, and then three to eight years of residency. The average for radiologists is around $200,000, but some make $350,000 and higher.

Anesthesiologists are the fourth most lucrative careers of 2013. The educational demands are similar to radiologists. Additionally, the time constraints are high. Also the chance for malpractice suits to be levied against anesthesiologists is on the rise with the culture of lawsuits.

Surgeons take the spot for the third most lucrative careers of 2013. The educational demands are similar to anesthesiologists except the residency can be as long as four to ten years. The average income is sure to rise since more people are aging and will need surgeries.

The second most lucrative careers are in sales, especially technology sales. The job requirements include having at least a Bachelor’s degree, but can vary from job to job. Experience and success mean a lot more in the sales field than simply education. Book learning might get a foot in the door, but experience keeps it there.

The single most lucrative careers in 2013 will be found in the corporate world. Executives in corporate settings literally have to dedicate their lives to their jobs to make even the low end of the pay grade. This kind of commitment leads to dividends over 200 million.

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