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Tube Tops, A Man's View

Most guys love a good tube top as it clings to the body of a curvaceous woman. Some guys are especially fond of the larger breasted women who look as if they are about to fall out of the tops. Despite the numerous “sharking” videos where hooded males pull down the tube tops of unwitting women, most decent men enjoy the anticipation more than the revelation of tube tops falling. For most men, the occasional presentment of “headlights” is enough to keep them attracted. The right kind of bra shapes the best looking breasts beneath the tube top and helps to improve the attraction.

Well shaped breasts, especially large breasts can pull off tube tops if they wear strapless bras. Tube tops that double as support allow women to go out in public with pride much to the delight of breast men everywhere. The bandeau works to support the breasts. Women wearing a bandeau with a soft underwire but are not made of only microfiber. For large breasted women finding underwires that contour to fit snugly beneath the breasts hold firm and do not fall. Some styles of bandeaus cover the tummy. Microfiber provides support for the tummy.

As a consideration for large breasted women, some tube tops have built in bras. Built in bras not only offer support, but they are soft and offer padding to give the breasts a more contoured look. This is great for the male observer. Sports tube tops also are great for built in bras, but they tend to push the breasts down which is less beneficial for the male observer, but even a jogging woman cannot resist inertia. The fitted strapless bras are great for support even when dancing. Many men love to watch bouncing breasts in a club or on a treadmill in the gym.

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