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Urban Street Palmist

The Urban Street Palmist hails from Portobello in Notting Hill, London. He often walks the streets of Camden, Westminster and Notting Hill giving psychic palm readings backed by 20 years of experience in the art. No matter the question, whether it is about Careers, Health, Love or Money, the Urban Palmist can divine the journey a life will take by the lines in a person’s hands. He will answer any questions and address any concerns one may have about their life’s path. The Urban Palmist is also adept with clairvoyance (seeing with the “third eye”) and clairaudience (hearing with the “third ear”). The Urban Palmist can even use tarot cards to divine the future.

Locals and tourists have come to the Urban Palmist to seek his guidance on the streets of London. He specializes in assisting people in understanding their life path and giving them guidance on how to overcome difficulties they may face in the now and in the future. Since childhood the Urban Palmist has been able to help people and many have commented on his ability to see what cannot be seen by normal eyes.

No matter what walk of life people are on anyone can get help from the Urban Street Palmist. Regardless of where someone is on their journey, everyone needs a bit of guidance. The Urban Palmist can offer an eccentric type of guidance and a unique vision of what the future could be. The Urban Palmist does most of his business virtually, but occasionally travels around the city so stay on top of his whereabouts via

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