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XzamCorp brings latest customer information gathering services performed discreetly and efficiently. Mystery shops over the phone are conducted to determine the exact phone etiquette of call center employees. All calls are recorded and evaluated by standards set by the business for customer information gathering purposes. Cyber shops are set up to test the efficiency and effectiveness of online service agents. These shops can be done through electronic communication services via phone, email and online chat exchanges.

XzamCorp also handles telephone surveys. These surveys are done professionally and with a friendly demeanor for the most positive responses and to encourage feedback. Web based surveys are also conducted via email. The results of these surveys are gathered quickly and quantified in an easy to read manner for the business customer.

XzamCorp is everything customer information gathering services should be. They put forth the information gathered through shops or surveys in a logical format that allows the business glean the most quality information possible. When there are problems, either with the service given, or technical problems (like the inability to connect) these problems are also recorded and forwarded.

Companies who monitor the call center or internet help center services for quality purposes do better overall than their competitors. Customer service is how customers choose their business dealings nine times out of ten. XzamCorp is trained in quality customer service monitoring and can help weed out any potential problems a company might have with their employees in a real time, real world fashion. This will help service the needs of the customer exponentially.

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