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Storyboard That

Storyboard That is the new storyboard creator which uses easy to use, but powerful software to provide a creative and innovative way to communicate ideas in a school or work setting. This program provides an excellent format for students to work together on an interactive project, to tell the narrative of a report, or to make an essay more interesting. This same program can keep the whole team involved at work encouraging collaboration and emphasizing the strengths of the team.

Many students are tired of typical school papers. Storyboard That makes these papers into a fun and creative project which appeals to visual learners as well. Education never seemed so cool as students can take some of their spare time between homework and extra curricular activities and explore new worlds of imagination. Visual learners at work also find monotone, text heavy documents at meetings to drone on, boring, and harder to remember later. This storyboard software appeals to people who are visual learners and makes work interesting for them again taking the grind out of work.

The product development of Storyboard That provides a medium for students to recreate what they have learned in school. This allows them to expand upon the knowledge gained and learn it in a different fashion, further cementing it in their minds. The innovative and visually communicative framework of this program can turn hour long meetings into brief affairs that get straight to the point. Gone are meetings with low comprehension by the attendees. This program provides top down, high level viewing of the second best idea this employee has ever had.

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