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Iowa Summer Games

Few people outside of Iowa know about the Iowa Summer Games. The Iowa Summer Games are a yearly event held in July to celebrate fitness and physical achievement in Iowa. Men and women come from all over the state to compete in Olympic style sports. The types of sports range from Wrestling to Archery and include traditional track and field as well as team sports such as basketball and baseball.

How Long They Last:

The earliest event, bowling, starts in mid-January. The last event four-person Golf ends in early August. The bulk of the Iowa Summer games last from the beginning of July to the end. Events are also held in the middle of May for high school age competitors. A cycling road race, Men’s basketball, a Fitness Walk and Satellite Trapshooting are all held in June.

Where the Events Are Held:

The bulk of the events are held in Ames, Iowa. However there are events held all over the state from Des Moine to Waukee. The torch run covers the entirety of the state of Iowa. The Iowa Summer Games even uses the real Olympic flame for their statewide games. Iowa State University also lends its facilities for the Iowa Summer games. Cedar Rapids hosts the BMX competition. The Water Skiing events are held at the Dream Lake Ski Resort outside of Huxley.

What Events are Held:

The first event is bowling. The games begin in mid January. In May the high school age clay target shooting events begin. The men’s basketball finals start in early June. At the end of June there is a Cycling Road Race. Early July brings Billiards, Handball and a Midnight Road Race for the runners. Adult softball and a triathlon occur as well. Mid July brings the Opening Ceremonies for the bulk of the Iowa Summer games. The torch run comes to a finish in Ames and the torch is lit for the entire extent of the games. The qualifiers for the main events are celebrated and introduced in the Finals Fest. The events held in Mid July after the Opening Ceremony range from Archery to Wrestling. Swimming events are held. Combat events such as Fencing, Judo, Taekwondo occur. Basketball events with 3 on 3, 5 on 5 and shooting events are held. The track and field events for youth and adult are held as well. Baseball and softball for adults and youth go on. Additionally, golf and disc golf have their events towards the end of July.

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