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Women's Walking Shoes

The best walking shoes for women have to conform to the foot type of the woman wearing them. Wearing the wrong shoes can result in problems all over the body, especially the knees, feet, shins and any injuries the woman may have suffered. Not all women’s walking shoes are created equal. Good walking shoes for women have to be able to provide support and comfort to the wearer. With all of the stumbling blocks both metaphorical and physical, women need walking shoes that will help them avoid pain and injury. These shoes should be excellent shock absorbers and give good ankle support.

Knowing the basics of foot shape and positioning will help when seeking the best walking shoes for women. The shape and positioning of the feet dictate how well the shoes will work when being worn. With practice and mindfulness of walking positions can be altered, but many people simply do not consider it much to their detriment. This leads to four main foot positions: neutral, supination, over pronation and severe over pronation.

Neutral position means the foot strikes the ground on the lateral side of the heel (which is the best way to walk). Supination means the heel hits properly, but the body moves the pressure to the lateral side of the foot. Supinators should wear shoes with greater shock absorption. Pronators push off with the big toe and second toe. This causes the impact of the foot to be improperly spread through the foot and ankle. This can cause pain in the foot, knee or shin. Having shoes which do not help to correct this will increase the likelihood of injury. Orthotics can be used to prevent injuries.  The best walking shoes for women will correct these problems with proper shock absorption and support for years of use.

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