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Steps to Training Your Dog to Use a Dog Indoor Potty Box

Most dogs are trained to do their toilet needs outside the house however you can also do potty training in on a dog indoor potty box. An indoor dog park is a place that provides dog training and grooming. Some indoor dog parks offer dog supplies and accessories. There are several things that you need to consider when training your dog to use the potty box. The most important thing is patience and determination. Give your dog enough time to understand and follow your instructions. Be patient and determined to focus on your goal. To be able for the training to be effective, you need to be consistent.

There are two methods in which you can use in potty training. The gradual paper to litter box method - this method is ideal for dogs that are paper trained. The second method is the crate training – best for house trained dogs. The first step you need to do before training is providing your dog with a potty box or a litter box. Cleaning supplies such as broom, mops, paper towels and neutralizer to remove the odor are also need. Why do you need a neutralizer? A neutralizer is beneficial in removing the odor on areas where accidental elimination can happen. The odor should be removed completely or else the next time your dog urinates it will be on the same place for sure.

Second step is to determine the area where you will place the dog indoor potty box. The potty box should be on a permanent location to avoid confusion on the part of your dog. Changing positions every now and then while on training will complicate the mind of your dog. Choose an area that is easy to clean such as tiled floor. Closely monitor your dog while on training. Close all the doors and use the same path going to his potty box. Sniffing and circling are signs that your dog needs to go. If you do not have much time to watch over your dog, place him in the crate. If you happen to see the signs mentioned encouraged him to go to the potty area. Say something as “go pee” or “good dog pee”. It depends upon you on what words or phrases you want to use. Repeat saying those words when your dog is in the right area where he can eliminate.

Third step is when you catch your dog urinating on a wrong place, you need to say it loud “No!”. Accompany or direct him to the right place then praise him once there. Some dog owners found this technique very effective in encouraging there dog to do their toilet stuff on the right place. They soak a piece of paper or newspaper on their dog’s urine and place them on the litter box. Once your dog smells the odor of their urine this means that they need to do their toilet needs on the litter box while saying again “go pee”. 

The crate training method works for me since I don’t have much time to look over my dog when I go to work. Whenever I’m not at home I just simply place my dog on its crate to avoid having lots of mess all over the house. I only let him out when he needs to urinate or eliminate. Today, my dog is really house trained he will go to his crate when he wants to rest or sleep. On its litter box when he needs to pee or poop. I am really happy that my dog knows the proper places and can follow instructions.

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