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Odorklenz True Odor Removal

Odorklenz True Odor removal is versatile. There is a long list of things Odorklenz can take care of.

In the kitchen it can handle burnt popcorn odor removal, cooking odors, dishwashers, fish, fridges and freezers, garbage disposals, garlic and onions, microwaves, musty cabinets, nasty mop smells, recycling bins, stale sinks, and trash can smells.

Sports odors are a thing of the past as Odorklenz handles all perspiration related scents  athletic shoes, athletic protective equipment (jock straps, safety pads, shin guards), fishing equipment like tackle boxes and other gear, gym bags and lockers, hunting equipment and sleeping equipment like tents and sleeping bags.

Hard laundry odors are eliminated such as musty clothes and towels hampers, post food service work day uniforms, urine odors and utility sinks. Odorklenz has the ability to efficiently remove odors from laundry.

Pet odors including dogs who come in contact with skunk odors are easily eliminated. Urine odors, feces, litter boxes, bedding and cages all can be cleaned by Odorklenz. The product is even safe enough to bathe pets without worry about harmful side effects.

Bathrooms are the next room you can attack with Odorklenz. You can spray it into the air to take out any lingering smells. Smelly toilets and tanks can be de-scented. Shower curtains growing mildew can be cleaned to smell like new. If you have thrown a party and had a couple vomit mishaps, Odorklenz can power out those odors so no one who should not know, will not know.

When it comes to odor removal, Odorklenz can literally do it all.

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