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Odorklenz True Odor Removal

Odorklenz True Odor Removal is newest and most effective way to removes hard laundry odors from clothes. Whether you have pet odors, sports odors, urine odors, skunk odors or any other, you can use Odorklenz to remove odors from laundry. The technology incorporates nanoactive metal oxides synthesized to enhance adsorption properties and chemical reactivity. Adsorption is the process of a chemical bonding to a surface, this bond creates a film around the surface. In the case of odor removal, the noxious agent is surrounded and encompassed by the Odorklenz chemicals and stopped from creating more smell.

Odorklenz uses nanocrystalline earth based minerals to destroy harmful and repellant scents. These include air and water pollutants, biological invaders, even chemical warfare agents. Odorklenz eliminates odors with higher efficiency than other more common odor solutions such as carbon, enzymes and masking agents.

Odorklenz odor removal product is hypo allergenic and environmentally safe. The product employs unique reactivity characteristics with high porosity for increased adsorption. Odorklenz can be used safely for just about any odor related application.

Soccer moms cleaning uniforms can use Odorklenz remove offending odors from scent ridden clothes without ruining the clothes and towels. Allergy sufferers can use Odorklenz to improve the quality of the indoor air by removing histamine triggering agents. Pet lovers will love Odorklenz to take out odors from carpets, furniture, laundry and other fabric surfaces your pet frequents.

Odorklenz odor removal uses the power of the earth to contain and eliminate offensive smelling chemicals. Using Odorklenz in your regular laundry cycle will bring your clothes to a pristine, immaculate smell.

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